Saturday, October 28, 2006

Choices...are they an illusion!!

I was recently talking to a colleague of mine..and invariably most of my casual conversations somehow revert to movies..well i was discussing with him about the good old days when there was just the monotonous doordarshan and no other choices in terms of channels... now i know u must be wondering ..what do i mean by the GOOD old days..surely arent we better off with the vareity thats available to us...Most of the times i am pretty sure we are better of with the plethoras of channels that we have at our disposal for our viewing pleasure..but certain times i am a lil disillusioned by the choices...for example i remember we used to have in dd the weekly once english movie in dd metro..which me and my dad would religiously watch and i would end up somehow sleeping halfway through..but i loved them for what they were..the rare times when i founf myself privy to english it was a real thrill to watch english movies more like a coup that i pulled off :)..also there were these regional movies that used to be shown on sunday along with subtitles...It really used to be fun to see movies in so many different languages which i really dont get to see anymore.. Sometimes I feel that inspite of dd having just two channels were able to cater to viewing pleasures while at the same time not making the idiot box addictive..but then if u ask me do I watch doordarshan now at all...well u gotta be kidding doordarshan is for losers who dont have choices :)...i have felt the same kinda disconnect nowadays with radio as well..for example i really got hooked on to radio when i was in tenth..loved listening to fm air 107.1 especially the limited times when english songs were being played.. I remember that cyrus broacha did an amazing job in a program called 'chaar baje band baje'..u guessed it right it was at four in the evening :)..then later on when i was in chennai during my engg days i used to listen to 107.1 fm religiously between seven to nine..which is when english songs would be played but u know through those four years i could slowly see degradation of the quality of rjing..which increased with the plethora of private channels coming up... In fact now in mumbai I think there more than 4 private fm channels...and if u ask me none of that have manged to differentiate themselves through their sound (a bit like the himmesh reshamiya songs...cant recognize one from the other ) i mean if it wasnt for the constant jingles airred in the channelse reminding us what (as in which frequency/channel)we were listening to we would never know. I remember it was not the case be4 I distincty remember 92.5 fm airing only english which metamorphosed into a mix of hindi and english songs...but atleast the kinda songs that they aired had a distinct flavour to it making us instantly recognise the frequency to which we were tuned into even if the radio jingle did not comeup constantly..however now its not the case, its the same content in every radio channel in mumbai...maybe it was due to maket compulsions..but i still fail to see the point in not differentiating oneself from the competitor...i somehow felt that AIR with just a single fm channel had enuff vareity and managed to pack in all kinds of songs from hindustani to rock and from carnatic to old hindi classics the entire works throgh time slots...this leads me to the point behind this post which is that sometimes choices suck!!!


Blogger Jayalakshmi said...

Totally coincidental, I must say! Well, choices are good to have... but atleast one of them needs to match our requirements. Otherwise, no matter how many of them u have.. its of no use!

11:46 PM  
Blogger suri said...

the other day a frnd was saying that paradise the popular biryani hotel in hyd has so many choices but doesnt have the same old biryani. Today thats the same i guess in everything, there is so much choice but no such quality of choices. on the other hand in ur example there would be many guys who prefer surfing the channels than actually listening. A little bit of all makes my day!!!

11:23 AM  
Blogger Karthikeyan said...

I might not agree with the entire lot, still DD comes out with all those stuff, but if you check out the viewership, it has declined, with the advent of cable and satellite television. What wrong have the new channels done ?? - nothing - they have spotted your likes and they are tuning to match that of yours - the awaited saturday/sunday is no more there - you have your favourite english and regional movies telecasted everyday, everyhour... so how bad are you missing these stuffs, are just in the controls of your remote :)

2:40 PM  

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