Saturday, August 01, 2009


Well well,
Its a rise from the ashes for this blog. Somehow I guess this blog got dead and buried and in a general sense of speaking its harder to revive something than to create something . So here is an attempt to go where I havent gone before which is to shake that laziness and actually get busy with my fingers :).
Lets start of with analyzing this post from Jaya, regarding seeing Movies and eating alone.
I guess I am quite the opposite and cant disagree more with the idea of doing either of these things alone.
The thing about watching movies alone in the theatre is that it seems quite a point less exercise to go all the way to a theatre alone to catch the flick. Seems like I might as well rent out from the nearest library or try and get a sneak peak free online with the resources at your disposal (Hope the cops that read this blog are dumb enough not to understand what I am basicaly trying to say rather than just hint ;)). Somehow I feel that going to movies in a theatre is more than just watching a movie and is rather a social gathering and a place for probably some post movie autopsy by the so called "experts " including yours truly :). It would also serve as a getting in touch outing on the weekend with friends with whom you want to stay in touch, but really who are we kidding, there is nothing really to talk about half the time :). Somehow can never see the point of going alone to movies.

As for eating alone well I guess I have done that quite a lot of times but still cant quite place even once when I was comfortable with it. In fact everyone of the times I was just trying to gulp food and get it over with fast. More than possibly the fears of other staring at me I, think it again relates to what I had mentioned earlier which is again that eating seem to be for me a social gathering where both silence and conversation are both a part of the comfort routine of eating together. Seems to somehow give u a bit of a loser feeling.

With this I hope there are many more such incorrigbleramblings to come forth and the revival is a full fledged continuance. Heres to more such ramblings.


Blogger Raghu or Rags or ... said...

mate... agree wid u 135%... although there've been too many occasions for both for me.. largely due to present circumstances... even having free wifi at food outlets doesn't help...

9:09 PM  
Blogger Raghu or Rags or ... said...

btw... more chepooka pls.. !!!

9:10 PM  
Blogger Sudarshan said...

hey, sure will try and piece something more regularly, after all wasnt that the entire idea of a revival...

5:59 PM  
Blogger kumar nishad said...

Cannnot agree more . eating alone ya some time you do not have choice you have to eat but watching movie alone definitely no no .... though i have done it couple of times (beleive me i didnt have option to kill time (:)

2:43 PM  

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